Techie Kayce

Upgraded Internet Connection

April 24th, 2012
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I applied for an upgrade of our internet connection last week from PLDT MyDSL high speed plan. I have upgraded from From P999 up to 1.5 mbps to P1,995 unlimited DSL with landline up to 3 mbps. Exactly one week today from the date I applied for an upgrade,  my hubby checked our internet speed using and we’ve noticed that the speed is at 3mbps already.

Yey! Now we can have an unlimited high-speed internet because aside from me who is using the connection for personal use,  we have a heavy bandwidth users who loves downloading, gaming and video streaming since we are also using the connection here in our internet shop.


Temporarily Disconnected

March 15th, 2012
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Finally, after more than two weeks of patiently waiting, our DSL internet from PLDT just got back yesterday. Now I am loaded with lots of pending tasks and assignments and I have a lot of things to blog about. Grrrr… I just hate that I couldn’t go online just because I don’t have an internet connection.

Well, it all started when they temporarily disconnect us because we were unable to pay our bills. They said their due date is every 27th of the month and we just paid on the 29th. Their system automatically detected that we were unable to pay on the said due date. Okay it may be our fault but hey,  how we were able to know our unpaid bills were in fact we did not received any bills, notice or call!?

We were also unlucky since during that time, they’re having a technical problem with their main line and it took them almost a week  in restoring the internet that’s why it took us more than two weeks before they finally reconnect our line. Haaayz! I’m glad that I am now back online. I just hope that there will be no more problems regarding my internet connection.