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February 3rd, 2014
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This Health Talk digital magazine is actually my second issue for the month of January 2014. As of now, I’m still doing my 3rd issue for February. When I’m done with the issue, I will do the marketing and promotion for the magazine. This will soon be available on Apple iPad and iPhone devices.

If you are not yet familiar with digital magazine, it is also known as an online magazine, a newspaper or publication which is delivered to readers and subscribers in an electronic form. These versions are very convenient to read or store for the users. It advantageous for the publishers like me to create digital magazine as it also include interactive elements as well as animations and videos which make the content much more interesting.

The biggest advantage offered by these digital magazines is that they are not a threat to the printed versions. Numerous studies have shown that while readers prefer reading a digital version, they would love to keep the printed versions if they are available.

The creation of a Digital Catalog or magazine also has numerous cost benefits for publishers. Firstly, it eliminates printing and distribution costs and therefore is much cheaper. It allows for faster publishing and distribution amongst readers. Since these magazines are sent online, most subscribers or readers receive them instantly.

Digital magazines also provide the advantage of reaching people beyond the geographic barriers. It ensures that even these readers receive their copies of the magazine at the same time as everyone else. Digital magazines also allow for effective advertising as they let subscribers and advertisers know the number of clicks made by the users on the advertisements. Lastly, they also allow publishers to get better knowledge of their subscribers and readers due to the two ways of communication processes and interactive channels online. As a result, the content for future editions can be tweaked or modified according to reader preferences.

Technology Trends for 2014

January 9th, 2014
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You may noticed that there are a lot of changes we’ve seen in technology over the past year, and for this year, we are bracing ourselves for unprecedented growth when it comes to anytime, anywhere, on-demand information and entertainment. Based on the trends we’ve seen so far in 2013, I predict that 2014 will see many fledgling technologies mature and grow beyond what we could have imagined just a few years ago.

Some predictions for technology trends that will dominate 2014 are consumers will come to expect Smart TV capabilities as more consumers crave, and even expect, the ability to use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and their web browser via their TV.

Smart watches will become smarter also as it lets you check out your email, text and social media updates, you’ll glance at your watch.Rumor has it the device will integrate with Google Now, which aims to seamlessly provide relevant information when and where you want it .

Google Glass will still be in “wait and see” mode. These augmented reality glasses allow you to access information like email and texts, take hands-free pictures and videos, effortlessly translate your voice, and even receive overlaid walking, cycling or driving directions, right within your field of vision. Other applications and uses for Apple’s TouchID will emerge as it uses a high-resolution camera to scan your fingerprint which allows convenient ultra-security for your iPhone.

Xbox One and PS4 will blur the lines between entertainment and video gaming as well. The new gaming consoles will increasingly integrate social media-like connectivity between players. 3D Printing will begin to revolutionize production  because of its ability to easily create multi-layered products that are actually usable which is pretty amazing, right?

So, what are your thoughts? What tech trends do you think are likely to really take hold in 2014?

Using Digital Guitar Tools

November 6th, 2013
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Who says guitar isn’t advancing when it comes to technology? Guitars such as kramer guitar are now evolving through a guitarist’s eyes. And this stuff is interesting, indeed, with effects and controllers that might inspire gear desires in instrumentalists of all stripes, not just guitarists. In today’s digital touch-screen portable WiFi enabled world of small portable powerful devices, recording music can happen literally anywhere.

The average iPhone for example or iPod touch has the computing power of a small laptop. This means that for basic recording of guitar tracks, you can carry your recording studio around with you in your pocket and record wherever and whenever you like. So, if you are looking for a portable means to digitally record your next album, anywhere and anytime, look no further than trying the new digital guitar tools.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is IN!

September 6th, 2013
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The buzz phrase of wearable tech is “IN” nowadays like the Google Glass headset and the Apple iWatch. Nowadays, Smart watches has been more palatable bit of kit when the Galaxy Gear has arrived and its out in the market today. It is a watch with a 1.63-inch bright touchscreen display and slick stainless steel frame. It allows you to make and receive calls.

With the Gear, the speaker and microphone are embedded in the strap so you hold your hand to your ear to make calls. When it is connected it can show incoming texts and messages, or remind you of upcoming appointments. It also uses Samsung’s voice-control app so you can set an alarm, check the weather and more using voice commands.

A camera in the strap will take a photo when you swipe the screen. And the Gear has apps which add extra functionality to make sharing photos and messages easier still. A motion sensor means you can use it as a pedometer to monitor your activity. Samsung says it will change how we interact with each other.There is no doubt that Samsung is now one of the most innovative and influential companies in the world, in any field, showing that it can execute advanced products faster than rivals and at lower prices.

Help Improve your Photography

July 29th, 2013
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There’s no doubt that a tripod is one of the most useful accessories that can help improve your photography. Obvious though it is, many people just don’t seem to realise that they would get much sharper pictures if only they used a good tripod.  The longer the lens used, and the slower the shutter speed, the greater the risk of blurring caused by camera shake.

A lot of people try to get around the camera shake problem by using high speed film but of course this simply shifts the cause of quality loss from camera shake to noise, grain or poor contrast. The best answer is usually to use a tripod that will hold the camera steady and avoid the problem in the first place.

A tripod can be a great help in composing and framing your photos too. Once the camera is mounted on the tripod you are left free to get the framing just right, and to concentrate on the composition.

When using a tripod, and this can be a great help with portrait photography, because it’s far easier to get relaxed, natural photos if you can have eye contact with people and take the photo when they’re not expecting it. Using a tripod is indeed one the best things you can do to improve your photography. 

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